Search Engine Optimization

Spanish SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of writing and structuring your website so at to appear high in the results with search engines in Spain.  It is an effective internet marketing or web promotion strategy.

First, it’s important to choose the best keywords and key phrases to optimize your website for. The site should be optimized by also using 1 or 2 key phrases. For instance, if your website is about a holiday home in Spain, your 6 key phrases might include:

“Spain holiday”, “Spain holiday home”, “Spanish holiday home”, “Costa Brava holidays”, "Costa Brava holiday home”, and “Seaside holiday Spain”

For new websites looking to start their SEO campaign, our first tip is to use 2-4 keyword phrases that incorporate the most important keywords. The reason is because longer key phrases are typically less competitive and still searched often. In addition to that, longer key phrases allow you to optimize all the included phrases. For instance, with “Spanish holiday home in Costa Brava”, you will also be optimizing your website for “Spanish holiday home” and “holiday home in Costa Brava”

Spain SEO Tips: The Importance of Creating a Consistent Message

In addition to the great key phrases you’ve selected, you’re also going to want to develop a message that tells visitors what your site is about. That same message should be consistent for a given page and also be included on some internal pages. The key phrase should be included:

  • In the website domain name (if possible)
  • In the Metatag Title of the page (once or twice)
  • <H1> Title
  • Keywords Metatag (using the same keyword in 2-3 phrases, but not repeating any phrase)
  • URL (address) of the web page
  • Text of the page (should be used several times throughout the content)
  • In the file names of images and ALT tags (again use some variety, if you have 10 images on a page only use the phrase in 1 or 2 of them)
  • In links to other pages and other search engines in Spain will crawl your entire website and consider every element when choosing where your website and individual pages should be placed within their search results. For this reason, each page should be optimized for similar, but different, keywords and phrases.