When it comes to optimizing your website content for a Spanish market, we take the time to compare your website with the sites that hold the top 10 positions for your chosen keyword(s). Closely analyzing the differences, we use the information and our years of experience in SEO to fully optimize your site with high quality keywords naturally embedded into the Spanish content.

If we’re optimizing a site about "Spanish markets", we’d find the top 10 websites that were using the phrase “Spanish market”. We might discover that the keywords were used 1-3 times in the titles and 8-20 times on the page. We would then increase or decrease the client’s use of the keywords strategically for different elements and relevant pages of the webite, so that the text remains engaging and well-written.  For pages targeting multiple phrases, we would then begin analyzing the page again for other keywords and elements.

While we make it our top priority to bring in as many website visitors as possible, it’s also important to focus on converting those visitors into paying customers. If that’s not happening, then the excellent Spanish content is simply going to waste.

SEO Services

Our Spanish content and SEO team are part of Indigoextra Ltd, a UK based company that offers both SEO and website optimization to companies in Spain, or companies with Spanish websites in any country. Our website optimization process focuses on 3 essential elements:

  1. Spanish SEO Rankings – When your content contains the correct keywords and phrases a good number of times on each page in different aspects of the code, the search engines will read correctly what your site is about. Because your website will be optimized for the most important search terms, your website will appear higher in the search listings for those keywords. This is one of the most important steps, as well as the most important purpose of Spanish website optimization.
  2. Visitor Conversion – This important process involves using Spanish SEO professionals who create compelling website content that is designed to do exactly what you want it to do, whether it is to sell a product, provide information or support, etc.
  3. Design Optimization – This process ensures that your site is attractive, that it’s easy to get from place to place, and that purchasing products is very easy. These things are what keep a customer on your website and what brings them back. It will also ensure that they perform other desired actions such as completing a contact form, emailing you, ordering a product, clicking on an advertisement, or something else.

On-Page Content Analysed

You can be sure that our Spanish SEO team will thoroughly analyze your website, and will help you understand important methods of boosting conversion rates and your rank with the major search engines. This will directly lead to more traffic and leads.

We will help your business take advantage of optimization so you can beat your competitors and generate a lot of new business. We will analyze 20 different elements of the important pages of your site as well as exploring other generic SEO factors that affect each page.  The 20 elements include:

  • Metatags (the description, title and keywords shown to search engines)
  • H1 - H6 titles (the main headings and sub-headings that appear on a page)
  • Text in the main content of your page
  • The overall structure of your site (are important pages linked to from the home page, do closely related pages connect to each other, etc.)
  • Whether the sales message is compelling
  • The URL (web address) of the page we're optimizing and in the pages it links to
  • A range of other elements that all contribute to effect Spanish SEO.