Spain ads and directories

One of the quickest ways to build high-quality incoming links to a website is to manually submit it to Spanish directories (or multilingual sites with a section about Spain). Our Spanish SEO team has an established database of Spanish directories. That database is regularly updated, with new directories being added. 

Directories will be a range of PageRanks and either be in Spanish, about Spain or be multilingual directories that welcome Spanish submissions.

When you hire our Spanish SEO professionals, we will create a strategy that includes submitting your site to high quality Spanish directories.

Spanish Ads

A directory entry is a small advert for your website, typically including a title, description, list of keywords relevant to your site and a link to the home page of your site.  Many directories also include a screenshot of your website.

The ads we write as part of the process will be professionally written by a fluent Spanish speaker and submitted to the most relevant category.  We can also provide advice on keyword selection for your submissions and whether directories are the best solution for your SEO needs.

We also offer submissions in English and French for our clients with multilingual websites.